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allied waste logo Allied Waste/Republic Services Makes Landfill Visits Easier for Holtville Residents!

Holtville Residents can now drive directly to the Allied Waste Landfill at
104 East Robinson Road, Imperial, California to receive
their Landfill Passes and dispose of their items.
Residents in Holtville will be granted four free visits per year to the Allied
Waste Imperial Landfill in Imperial. So when you have to clean up the yard or
garage to prepare for that summer BBQ, you will be able to load your trash into
your vehicle and have Allied take it at the landfill for free 4 times a year!
For more information on Allied Waste Services of Imperial Valley please call our
Customer Service Reps at 760 355‐0004 or visit their website.

Interim Guidance for Employers and Employees on Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Virus

This guidance provides recommendations for employers and employees on protection during the H1N1 influenza outbreak. As we learn more about this emerging virus, updated guidance will be issued. Novel H1N1 influenza is a new virus in humans. To date, it has mainly caused mild illness; but because it is new, health officials are continuing to monitor the severity of illness.
Even though this H1N1 virus does not produce very severe illness in most people, it is still important that workers and employers take steps to help slow the spread of the disease.
This is important because: