History of the City of Holtville

Holtville City Logo The city of Holtville, or Holton as it was first called, was founded by W.F. Holt and incorporated in 1908. Holt was a banker from Missouri who moved to the west for health reasons. Mr. Holt had a vision of what the mperial Valley would become, and in the process he was the first to envision a town east of the Alamo River.

Holtville City Hall Building In 1903, the city of Holtville was born. Construction of the new town was slow in the beginning because of a town policy which only allowed brick construction. On June 20, 1908 the city of Holtville was incorporated. The city of was designed so that businesses faced Holt Park, which formed a town square. Holt Park is the focus for the city of Holtville which boasted large, lush shade trees, and the City Hall building which is a two story structure that was built in the center of the Park. There have been several changes in Holt Park but it still remains the gem of the city. At one time, the Park even had a monkey cage and a fish pond. However, what remains today is a time capsule which is to be opened in the year 2015. The Time Capsule Opening is scheduled for July 2026

Holtville Time Capsule Fire has been a major tragedy to the city of Holtville.
In the 60's, the Holtville Unified School District, which consisted of a 2-story structure, was destroyed by a fire. A theater that once graced Main Street was also destroyed by fire in the 1970's. The Business District was also destroyed by fire in the 1980's. Gazebo in Holt Park