• 2023 Carrot Festival Parade Entry

    Thank you for joining us for our 76th Annual Carrot Festival Parade! The Parade and Festival Theme for 2023 is "Carrotopia"! "Where Anybunny can be Anything!" Key ideas of this theme are believing in your dreams, embracing ethnic diversity, community harmony, and believing that through hard work, you can achieve your goals and be who you aspire to be. Our theme is inspired by the movie, "Zootopia".
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    FEE: $25 (Schools are exempt) No online payment. Please mail check to: 101 W. 5th St. Holtville, CA 92250
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    Waiver of Liability - By clicking below, I/my group/organization acknowledges that the activities of the parade (including pre- and postparade activities) can be dangerous and may involve the risk of injury, and/or property damage. I/We agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the The Holtville Chamber of Commerce and the City of Holtville its affiliates, employees, agents and representatives connected with the parade for any personal injuries, property loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the actions of the parade participants connected to the group, float or individuals. *
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    GENERAL RULES: 1. Staging will begin at 8:00 a.m. (All entries will receive information as to division, parade number and map a few days before the parade via email.) Please provide good contact information. Please be on time as there will be some street closures. Entry Numbers will be handed out by Los Vigilantes upon your arrival at the staging area. 2. All script changes must be made no later than one (1) week before the parade. There will be no last-minute updates to the parade script. 3. ALL late entries (past the due date) will be placed at the end of the parade. 4. All parade participants must be registered by January 30th, 2023. 5. All participants must abide by all federal and state laws, local city ordinances, and the Holtville Carrot Festival Parade rules. 6. The consumption of alcohol or other illegal substances is strictly prohibited before and during the parade. Anyone suspected of being in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately. 7. Any entry consisting of advertising or expressing controversial political, social, religious, etc. views will not be accepted. We reserve the right to reject any entry. 8. All drivers must be licensed, see the following “Specific Entry Type Rules” for more details. 9. A float is not required for parade participation. Groups of individuals may walk in the parade if they wish. (No stopping to perform except for in front of the judges stand located on the south side of the Holtville Chamber office.) 10. There must be an adult present on an entry that has children. 11. The “Responsible Contact Person,” with each entry must have a complete list of names of all participants in their unit with them during the parade. 12. NO STOPPING, PLEASE MAINTAIN CONTINUAL MOTION. (Bands and performing groups may only stop in front of judges stand for no more two (2) minutes. 13. No one may get on or off a float or entry once it has started down the parade route. 14. Throwing of candy, toys, streamers, or other objects along with shooting silly string or other objects is strictly prohibited due to the potential for serious injury. Anyone found throwing or shooting items from their float will be asked to leave the parade immediately. Participants on foot may distribute candy or other items by handing them to spectators. 15. For safety purposes, it is required that helmets be worn by all riders of bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, scooters (motorized or not), motorcycles, etc. 16. No exploding or other reckless displays will be allowed. (The safety of the public is of the highest importance!) 17. All music must be family friendly. SPECIFIC ENTRY TYPE RULES Pertaining to drivers of vehicles including but not limited to cars, floats, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, etc.: • Anyone operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the parade and will not be allowed to return for future parades. This means no weaving and all vehicles must always maintain a safe distance and speed. • In ATVs and UTVs, drivers under the age of 18 must be in possession of a safety certificate or have an adult present and all riders, regardless of age, must wear a helmet. • Car/Motorcycle Club entries are limited to 10 vehicles, additional vehicles may participate with an additional entry and pay separate fees. Pertaining to equestrian group entries: • Entrants must be people and crowd experienced, any rider or handler showing inability to control their animal will be deemed unsafe and be removed from the parade. Pertaining to marching band groups: • NO STOPPING EXCEPT to perform in front of the judge’s stand. MAXIMUM two (2) minutes will be allowed for performance. FINAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS • Be aware that we make all possible attempts to give each entry a good placing in the parade. However, it is impossible to place all entries at the front of the parade. • You will be entering this event at your own risk and will be subject to all parade rules. We ask all participants to follow parade rules. We take the safety of the public very seriously. • Parade officials including City of Holtville Staff, chamber representatives, Los Vigilantes, law enforcement officers, or parade workers and volunteers have the authority to remove any parade entry for violation of any of the above rules. • Listed parade officials reserve the right to find parade entrants in violation of these rules. • Failure to comply with any of these rules may affect the entrant’s involvement in future parades. *
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