• City of Holtville 2019 Veterans' Day Parade Entry

    Parade held on MONDAY, November 11, 2019
    Please fill out the form below and add your entries parade script.

    Parade entries may range from Bands, Patriotic Theme Floats and Banners, Marching Units, Drill Teams, Color Guards, Equestrian Units, Re-enactment Units, Military Equipment, to Placarded Vehicles.

    • All participants must complete a Participation Application and must have received prior written Registration Approval in order to participate on Parade day.

    • Primary consideration for Parade participation will be granted to organizations representing Active, Retired and Honorably Discharged members of the United States Armed Forces including Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers and Enlisted Personnel of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard and Reserves from the State of California.

    • Secondary consideration for Parade participation will be offered to non-military organizations, such as:
    o Middle, High School, & College bands, including drill teams, or flag / rifle squads
    o Other musical units such as fife & drum, pipe & drum, and drum & bugle corps
    o Historical / Re-Enactment Groups
    o Town Patriotic Commissions
    o Civic / Community Service / Veteran Support Organizations
    o Seated, elected town, city and state officials (Candidates for office may not participate in the Parade unless they are incumbent or a Veteran as outlined above. No candidate for office may distribute campaign flyers or paraphernalia or display campaign signage while participating in the Parade. More info on this topic is available).

    • Entries that are strictly commercial in nature are not permitted in the Parade.
    • The Parade Committee reserves the right to limit the number of units marching, including the number of vehicles participating in each unit, in order to comply with time requirements.

    • The Imperial County Veterans Day Parade does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.
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    **All band groups include flags and shields**
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    Waiver of Liability - By clicking below, I/my group/organization acknowledges that the activities of the parade (including pre- and postparade activities) can be dangerous and may involve the risk of injury, and/or property damage. I/We agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the The City of Holtville and The Holtville Chamber of Commerce , its affiliates, employees, agents and representatives connected with the parade for any personal injuries, property loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the actions of the parade participants connected to the group, float or individuals. *
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    Check Parade Rules: • All parade participants must be registered by October 17, 2019. • A float is not required for parade participation. Groups of individuals may walk in the parade if they wish. •NO STOPPING FOR ANY REASON. Please save performances for the Judges at the intersection of 5th and Holt ONLY. Performances will be limited to 20 seconds• Throwing of candy, toys or other objects is strictly prohibited due to the potential for serious injury. Anyone found throwing items from their float will be asked to leave the parade immediately. Participants on foot may distribute candy or other items by handing them to spectators. • The consumption of alcohol or other illegal substances is strictly prohibited before and during the parade. Anyone suspected of being in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately. • Parade officials have the authority to remove any parade entry for violation of any of the above rules.Participant Guidelines: • Floats should depict an event relevant to Veterans or a patriotic theme; float designs and audio presentations must be pre-approved by the Parade Committee no later than October 1. • Participants agree not to litter the Parade route. Due to safety concerns, entries are prohibited from distributing candy, handbills, or any other items from floats/vehicles. If an entry violates this guideline, the entry will not be invited the following year. • Participants agree to follow the outlined Parade route and maintain the pace set by officials. In the interest of time, individual units are not allowed to stop and perform routines along the route or in front of the bandstand unless given express written permission by the Parade VP or Coordinator. Failure to comply with this request may result in a ban from next year’s Parade. • Each participating organization is requested to display identifying signage and is responsible for providing and carrying its own signage. • No smoking, and gum or tobacco chewing, is allowed while participating in the Parade. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the lineup area or on the Parade route. • Equestrian units must be immediately followed by "scoopers"! • Bands - Patriotic music must be performed by the bands for the duration of the parade and dances by their respective flag/color guard teams should be tasteful and respectful towards our country and the Veterans we are honoring. Bands are also requested to compress their formations in the marshaling area. There will be ample time to establish proper intervals when moving to the START point. The Team 1 lead band is the only exception. Vehicle Participation Guidelines: • All vehicles must be pre-approved by the Parade Planning Committee. • Veterans organizations that wish to drive non-military vehicles in the parade are limited to no more than 12 vehicles or 25 motorcycles per organization • All vehicles are required to display their own identifying signage. • Units must provide their own vehicles for transporting disabled Veterans participating in the Parade. Vehicles transporting disabled veterans must carry at least 2-4 veterans and display identifying signage. • Every precaution is taken for the safety of our participants and spectators. There will be no unsafe maneuvers (example; spinning of tires, speed, etc) by any participant or the entire entry will be asked to leave the parade route and not be invited back. Other Items of Note: • The Parade is lined up to be as fair as possible to all participants. Your position is in no way a reflection on the importance we place on your organization! We intentionally keep some of the best entries to last! It is extremely important that we end the Parade on a strong, up-beat note. • Please follow all these guidelines completely. We will need your full cooperation to insure orderly staging and a well-paced parade. • Please make sure everyone in your group knows the correct time and place for staging, and leaves plenty of time for parking. If your entry includes vehicles or motorcycles, do not bring more vehicles or motorcycles than your registration form indicated you would have. • You may not park in the staging area unless your vehicle is to be driven in the Parade. When you leave the staging area, you must not leave anything behind in the street. The streets will be reopened to traffic once you leave. • One person in your group must be designated as the leader. If your group includes children, be sure they understand the need to listen when they hear the whistle. • Your entry must stay 25-30 feet (3 car lengths) behind the entry in front of you. Please do NOT bunch up or allow a large gap to form in front of you. You may not stop to perform. You may not throw anything. Doing so encourages children watching the parade to come onto the parade route, which is extremely dangerous and is prohibited by our insurance. • If you need to withdraw from the parade for any reason, please notify the Parade Coordinator at 760-356-3013 immediately. For more participation information call or email the Parade Coordinator at hdowsey@holtville.ca.gov Note: Final eligibility and compliance with Guidelines will be determined by The Imperial County Veterans Day Parade Planning Committee *
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